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Allegory Technologies specializes in crafting top-tier websites, empowering you to establish a remarkable online presence. Our adept teams employ cutting-edge methodologies, ensuring your website not only impresses but also endures, delivering unparalleled development services

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Allegory Technologies is recognized as one of the top web development companies in India. We specialize in advancing user experiences and boosting revenue through our strategic website development services. Creating a successful website involves navigating a complex process, which requires selecting the right professional team, implementing innovative solutions, and following reliable approaches. Our objective extends beyond meeting client needs; we are dedicated to applying advanced strategies that drive our clients’ business success. With our wealth of experience, we have the expertise to develop websites of any kind with proficiency.

The approach that we implement in our Development Service

As a renowned web development company, our first step is to collect information about the requirement of the client. From this information, our developers came to know about the client’s goal, business specifics, and initial requests to ensure that the website we create is in line with their goals and requirements. We work very closely with our clients for any updates and revisions. After endless iterations, we safeguard that the end design matches the client’s vision thoroughly. We have 5+ years of development experience and endeavor the following features for our clients –

Our Process

ver our nearly 20 years in business, we’ve developed a proven process for success—and it’s one that we’re excited to share with you!

Information Gathering

Gather all the necessary information about your project and create the strategy to achieve your goals.

Design & Development

We create unique and professional custome websites or (CMS) based sites with wow factor!

Quality Assurance

After Designing/development we make sure that the website is compatible to different types of devices and browsers.

Launch your Website

After doing all the testing we will launch your site for end users.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

After webiste launch if you need any ongoing support then you can contact us anytime via call/message/Skype etc.

Ready To Get Started?


Custom web development

As we all know every problem is unique and every problem needs unique solutions. For that reason we provide you custom web development services.

All business requirements are unique and not all the development can meet your business goals. That’s why we at Allegory Technologies custom website solutions. As a best custom website development agency we provide you no. of benefits:
– No matter how complex your business is, you can get the best solution.

– Responsive website development

– The ideal solution for your business

– Develop industry specific sites as per your requirements.

E-commerce Web Development

Take your Business to the Next Level with our ecommerce web development services.

Development of an e-commerce website is not an easy process but we have experienced teams that will fulfill your requirements. We provide you complete e-commerce solutions for all the major platforms such as woo-commerce, Shopify, Big-commerce, Cake PHP, Laravel etc. Check advantages of our ecommerce development services:
– Increase customer reach
– No time restrictions

– Run your business anytime from anywhere

CMS Web Development

Now you can manage your business easily with best CMS solution. Our CMS web development services enable business owners to easily submit, publish, edit and change website content.

This allows you to directly access the content of your site. No technical knowledge is required to manage the CMS. We provide individuals and companies with best customized solutions to meet their business goals. Below are the advantages of CMS based site:
– Easy to use

– Quick deployment

– Extendable features with various plugins

– Number of templates

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Web Development FAQ’s

Yes. If you want to build a website in wordpress, wix, squarespace then you can edit, add content on your website by yourself. But if you want to manage your site professionally, then you’ll definitely need a technical person that can manage your site on your behalf.
Well, nobody can give an answer to this question because the cost totally depends on the requirements of every client. Usually for a simple 4-5 page website we charge $250 to $300. If pages are more than 5 then the cost will vary. Giving a quote instantly without proper discussions with the client.
Some website owners lose site traffic in the days or weeks when they redesign their site and other technical fixes. It is also restored in some days while Google reindexes the updated version of your website.
Well the answer is no, because we have great expertise in WordPress, Shopify, Big-commerce, Treepl, Squarespace, Webflow and Wix. But it is a great CMS that offers huge no. of free and paid templates. People can easily manage their website easily in wordpress.
Digital marketing is an online marketing technique where we promote online brands to connect with potential customers. We can sell and purchase goods and services online and offline with different activities like search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing and content marketing etc.
PPC advertising is a digital marketing technique to drive instant traffic to your website. By inserting keywords into the search engine, your ad appears in the search results. You only pay when the ad is clicked on.Paid ads feature text, images, and even video.