With Treepl, we craft stunning websites, merging creativity and functionality via custom coding for high-quality, tailored solutions perfectly suited to your needs.

Treepl Website Design Solutions

Choosing Allegory Technologies for Treepl website design ensures top-notch, tailored solutions. With Treepl’s versatile platform, we deliver custom-coded, high-quality websites that enhance your online presence. Leveraging decades of experience, we prioritize content, responsiveness, and mobile-friendliness to achieve outstanding results. Trust Allegory Technologies to merge creativity and functionality seamlessly for your unique web needs.

Our Affordable Packages

Small Business

$ 399

Treepl Website

Basic small business website development package. Perfect for start-ups or Home-business…

7 pages website
Customized Homepage Design
Integrated Contact Form
Fully Mobile Compatible
Jquery effects
Online Blog/News Module
Call to Action
Social Media Integration
Admin Access to Manage Website
Jquery Effects
Website Removal
1 Revisions

Mid-Size Business

$ 599

Treepl Website

This package includes several tools to promote your business and drive revenue.

15 pages website
Customized Homepage Design
Integrated Contact Form with Captcha
Fully Mobile Compatible
Responsive + Bootstrap Design
Custom Jquery effects
Google Analytics Integration
Live Chat Integration
Admin access to manage website
Admin access to manage scripts
Seo Friendly Urls/Clean Urls
Website Removal
2 Revisions

Large Business

$ 799

Treepl Website

With this demanding marketing package, get several opportunities and maximise ROI.

20 pages website
Customized Homepage Design
Integrated Contact Form with Captcha
Fully Mobile Compatible
Responsive + Bootstrap Design
Custom Jquery effects
Multi lingual support
Website Removal
Custom Animated effects
Booking Solution
Seo Friendly Urls/Clean Urls
Website Removal
3 Revisions

Our Work


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Treepl FAQ’s

Treepl CMS is a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to create, manage, and publish digital content for websites and web applications. It provides a range of features and tools for content creation, organization, and presentation, making it easy for users to build and maintain dynamic and engaging websites.
Yes, Treepl CMS is suitable for developers of all skill levels. It offers a flexible development environment with access to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Liquid templating language, allowing developers to create custom designs, templates, and functionality. Treepl also provides developer-friendly features like API access, webhooks, and Git integration for advanced customization and integration with third-party services.
Yes, Treepl CMS offers migration tools and services to help users migrate their existing websites and content from other platforms to Treepl. Whether you’re migrating from another CMS, website builder, or custom solution, Treepl provides guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition to its platform.
Treepl CMS prioritizes security and compliance, implementing industry-standard security measures to protect user data and websites. It includes features like SSL encryption, data backups, access controls, and regular security updates to mitigate risks and vulnerabilities. Additionally, Treepl adheres to data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA to ensure compliance with international standards.