Pay Per Click Services In India

If you want more traffic, sales and leads then we have got you covered! Our pay per click services in India are an instant way to generate relevant traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click Management Services

Allegory Technologies provides best pay per click services in India. It is a best way to promote your business in several ways such as search results, social media and any third party. With ppc you can target your ads to specific geographic locations and manage keywords and daily advertising expenditures. It is one of the fastest way to increase brand awareness and generate more leads quickly. Our pay per click management services help you analyze your target group, research keywords and activities and be result-oriented. At the end of month we provide you with a clear report so you can review the results and ensure continuous optimization.


Our Pay Per Click Management Services

Our Pay per click services will increase leads and improve conversion rate through best methods and strategies.

Search Advertising

Search advertising is a part of Paid ads. It is an online technique to place your ad on search engine result pages. It is best way to bring new customers & generate online sales to your website. We apply best pay per click services in India to double/triple your ROI.

Display Advertising

Display ads are also a part of ppc advertising. These ads are placed on Google’s partner sites. Basically its a combination of text, image video etc.


Remarketing is a type of online advertising that helps you show targeted ads to users who have visited their site. The already visited customers are more likely to convert into sales.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a quickest way to connect with your target audiences. Social ads provides huge increase in sales, leads when connect with right target audiences.

Why Our Best PPC Company In India is important for your business?

Well, we all know ppc is a fastest way to increase your brand awareness. Our best PPC Company in India will help businesses to stand out from the crowd. It allows businesses to reach your targeted audiences fast by specifying target audience (male, female, age, geolocation etc.) The best thing is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Quick Results

PPC campaigns brings quick results once we make the campaign live. KPI helps to measure the success of your ppc campaign, such as Impressions, clicks, reach, engagements etc.

Pay Per Click

You only need to pay when someone click on the ad. No extra charges.

Target Specific Audience

Our pay per click services in India allows you to target audience based on no. of factors. Such as age, gender, geolocation etc.

More leads and Conversions

By applying the right strategies will help you in generating more leads and conversions.

Multiple Campaigns

It allows you to create multiple campaigns at the same time. Promote your different services by creating more than one campaign.

Control and Manage

It gives you high level of control. People can easily manage, customize and edit every campaign


Keyword Research
Ad Copywriting
Landing page Optimizaton
Campaign Setup
Perforrmance Monitoring & Reporting

Are you ready to grow your business with PPC advertising?



Paid advertising is an online marketing technique where people bid to participate in auctions in order to show their ads on first position of each platform. With these ads we can reach to multiple target audiences in small time. These ads features videos, text and images etc.


Pay-per-click advertising can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website and increasing sales online.
– Set daily or monthly budget
– Narrow down your audiences
– Optimize Performance
– Reach more targeted audiences


If you don’t have a google ads account yet, then don’t worry. We at Allegory Technologies create your google ads account from scratch. Things we need from you to create ads account are below:

  • Ads account setup
  • Campaign setup
  • Ad sets and ads creation
  • Payment options
  • Tracking etc.

With ppc ads you can advertise anywhere on the web/internet. There are 3 types of ways we can promote your business such as search results, third party sites and on social media platforms. It depends on your audience. If your audiences are on facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc. then you have to dedicate more of your advertising budget for a specific platform.


After setting up your campaign we will recheck it. If it is set up according to your requirements. Then we will make it live. Once the campaign is live then we will let you know in a week if it is working well for you or if it needs any improvements.


Basically these two options are used for business promotion. Basically SEO is used to get organic traffic. Well, it is a slow and steady process and it takes 3-6 months to see the results. But if you want quick results then Search engine marketing (PPC) is used.


Landing page is a page where people land when they click on your ad. The content and call to action buttons helps you in lead generation. It can be created separately or your website itself.