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Are you struggling with the growth of your social networks? If so, then Allegory Technologies is here to help you grow your business organically. We use social media management services to increase your brand awareness, growth/sales and ROI. By applying top notch social media marketing strategies to keep your brand in front of your targeted audiences.

Boost Your Brand Visibility With Our SMO Services

Discover how our social media marketing services boost conversions, sales and brand awareness.

Facebook Marketing

Our facebook marketing services help you grab the attention of your audience. With more than2 billion active users monthly, it is guaranteed that you can reach the audience you want through Facebook. Our team of professionals will help you in managing your facebook page by sharing content, images on regular basis.

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Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing services are one of the best way to attract large audiences by sharing images, videos, stories. There are so many new features which helps to increase brand awareness in with free or paid methods. Start building your audience today.

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Pinterst Marketing

Pinterest marketing is a unique and trending way to promote your business organically. Our dedicated Pinterest marketing services take your brand presence to the next level by sharing new custom pins on different boards.

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Linkedin Marketing

With our LinkedIn marketing services we help you generate more sales, traffic and b2b leads. It is an effective way to attract your target audiences. It is a reliable solution that gives you the opportunity to connect millions of professionals around the world.

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Twitter Marketing

Accelerate your business growth with our twitter marketing services. People can post daily basis updates, content with tweets. By posting the useful content to your targeted audience you can help build trust.

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Youtube Marketing

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform and also it is the second largest search engine after google. We can help with all aspects of your YouTube marketing services, including optimization, YouTube video promotion and analytics. By using this channel, anyone can share videos, vlogs, tasks, guides. The best thing is your subscribers will receive automatic notifications.

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Want To Make Your Brand More VIRAL?

We will help you to boost your brand awareness to generate more revenue.

How we take Your Business Social

Research and Analysis

Business and Industry

In the very first step we will research about your business type, what services/products you are offering. Selling online or offline everything.


After getting an idea about the industry we move to second step. Every business has their goals. E.g Sales, growth or brand awareness etc.

Target Audience

In this step we will find your target audience based on your products and services. Which locations you are targeting and what results you are getting etc.


Competitive Analysis

Identify Competitors

The most important thing is indentify your competitors. It is very difficult to find who is your direct competiton. Well we use professional tools to find your competitors.

Analyse Competitors Social Profiles

Once we find the cocmpetitors the very next step is to analyse their social profile. What is the current status on all accounts (No. of followers, Following, Likes, Engagements etc.)What they are doing to generate more sales and leads.

Content Analysis of Competitors

After competiton profiles analysis the first step is to analyse their content. It helps us to create the strategy for your busienss to generate high ROI.


Social Media Strategy and Plan

Content Planning

As we all know “content is the king.” So we write attention grabbing content that will be plagrism free content for all social posts and social media ads. Infact we optimize your social profiles with unique bio’s, proper social profiles and more.

Social Media Post Designs

Social graphics are important for any business, because it attracts your customer’s attention. We have a team of creative minds that will create attarctive designs as per the dimesions of every platform.

Social Media Ads

Except organic social media marketing we can help you in paid social media advertsing. We Create proper ad strategy for your business to generate more sales leads and ROI.



Social Calenders

Basically social media Social media calendars are used to schedule social posts in advance. They’re also used to plan when and which content will be shared on daily basis and also used for tracking purpose.

Content Creation

Our teams will arrange all the content in google sheets. We create content as per the daily activities mentioned in social calender( Image, video, blog, info-graphic etc.) We also provide ad copies content in google sheets.

Direct Posting or Scheduling

Posting at right time on all channels is very important. Because different traffic comes on diffrent channels at different times. We find the best times to post on each and every channel via hootsuite,, buffer and later tools etc. We can even help you in direct posting on all channels.


Social Media Reporting

Social Media Channels Insights

Nowadays every social media platform provides insights. It helps to find whichposts/content performs well on each channel. As per the insight reports we implement new strategies for the content that is performing well. The performance is measured in terms engagements,followers, account reached, location and more.

Google Analytics

Google analytics also provides a detailed analysis of your website. It is very important to check how much traffic comes to your webiste from every social media platform. As per the google analytics report we optimize your social media channel to generate more results.

Direct Posting or Scheduling

Posting at right time on all channels is very important. Because different traffic comes on diffrent channels at different times. We find the best times to post on each and every channel via hootsuite,, buffer and later tools etc. We can even help you in direct posting on all channels.


Why Need Social Media Marketing Agency?

Nowadays strong social media presence creates a huge impact on customers. Managing a personal page or business page is very different. By hiring social media marketing agency you work with professional teams. They can take your brand to the next level by applying different strategies. They exactly knows which type of useful content, images can attract your visitors. As working in an agency teams are up to dated with latest trends.


Social Media Marketing FAQ’s


There are several ways to engage your customers on social media channels. Engagements means: Comments, Likes, Reshare, clicks etc. We can increase engagements with few activities like: By sharing behind the scene posts By asking a questions Create a contest post Live chat etc.


When we start any social media marketing project usually we suggest clients to approve posts for one week so that we can totally understand your post ideas. This will help us to establish your company’s voice with various social media topics. After post approval we will find the best time to post on every channel to get more engagements.


As compared to images, videos help to increase likes, views, engagements instantly. To increase brand awareness most people use videos. We use professional tools to edit videos that attract your audience’s attention. Every social media channel supports the video content. We share videos on feeds, stories and reels to generate more interactions.


There are several challenges of social media marketing. From creating a social media marketing strategy, Increase brand awareness, Increase followers, Likes, Comments, Increasing your reach etc.

Challenge us with your next project